Diving Balicasag & Pamilican

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Diving Balicasag & Pamilican Island – Panglao/Bohol island in the Philippines.

When we were in Bantayan I got Dengu fever, so we decided to travel to Cebu city since there was no doctor on Bantayen (And no divecenter)

. In Cebu I was hospitalised, and when I was recovered the doctor advised us from going to Leyte because of higher chance of getting it again. So we went to Bohol instead.

A map of the divesites in Panglao


I met up with Barry, whom I met earlier during my IE. He is running the Divecenter Go Scuba.
With Go Scuba I did several dives at Balicasag and the more remote island called Pamilican. I also did a House reef strait outside the centre, but after the Typhon Pablo  the corals were pretty damaged.

Now for the dive sites :-)


Turtles in Black Forest    Schools of Jacks in Black Forest

– seems to cover several dive sites. I don’t think they know exact where it begins and ends. But one thing is sure. There is a lot of turtles, a big school of Jackfish and if your lucky, a school of Barracudas. We found them all. The bad thing was that I had a macro setup the first time. But was well prepared the second time. All in all Black forest deserve at least one macro and a wideangel dive. There is a lot of small creature here. The dive site is a shallow flat area with a sloping drop off. It is here you will find the Jacks and Barracudas patrolling the edge.


Safety stop    Wall dive @ Balicasag

– is a wall dive. The wall is covered with beautiful soft coral. You will find overhangs and small caves here. And! don’t forget to also look into the blue for schools of fish or turtles swimming by.

I think the wall starts at about 10m, and goes down to about 40m.
A good place for scenery pictures. I also saw quite a few Nudibranches here.


Clown fish @ the house reef    Banded sea snake heading for the boat

PAMILICAN ISLAND – Dive one and two

Clownfish hiding from the photographer    Waiting for the anemone to open!

– We also heard about a place that almost nobody dive. This because it was to far away. So of course we arranged a trip there.

And we were not disappointed. Pamilican is an island about 60 min. south of Alona beach. I can’t remember the names of the dive sites we visited there, cause they are not on the dive maps I was showed. But the first two dives was at the North-east side of the island. It is a “Sunken Island” a shallow area outside of the island.
And the corals were fantastic. Nothing destroyed and as untouched as they come.
A lot of fish, but the big ones were lacking. But there was plenty of turtles and school of different fish. Two beautiful wide angel dives.


A little residence in the coral    Diver studying a lionfish

The third dive at Pamilican was at the west side of the island.
This was a wall dive. At the top, before the drop off, there was lots of hard corals. After the drop off the soft coral took over. There was overhangs everywhere and lots of different shrimps and nudibranch. The place is well worth one wide and one macro dive. But if you only have one dive, as we did. Macro would be my choice.

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