Diving Philippines – Liquid Dumaguete

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Diving Liquid Dumaguete – Dauin, Negros in the Philippines.

From the island Malapascua to the Dauin coast on Negros. Our destination was the divecenter Liquid Dumaguete. Our good friends Hans Tore and Hege Frydnes recommended this divecenter and we booked 12 days in advance. We liked it so much that we ended up staying for 25 days. The resort is owned and run by Zoe & Tim Latimer. They run it like a one big family type of resort, were everybody from the top to the bottom is very friendly and helpful. The highlight is the dinner at 19.00. Guests and staff are all eating together at one big table. The food is excellent (And the drinks also)…

Dauin coast is a so called muck diving place. The sand is dark and small critters hide everywhere. But thats not all you can see here. Out in the blue there is a school of Baracudas right outside the resort. The other divesites offer coral spots with turtles, fish and of couse more critters. I did som many dives here, so I can not list up every dive site  like my other blogs. But I will mention a few of them.
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Now for the diving…



– The dive sites is about a 10min. drive from Liquid. Shore entering. Muck dive. with scattered corals. @ the deep end you´ll find different cars and boats that is sunken and act like artificial reefs. On the shallow part you can, if lucky find the flamboyant cuttlefish. I found two :-).  Other stuff you can expect to find here is small shrimps, Moray eels, and Ornate Ghost Pipefish.


This dive site is right outside the resort. And here I found my most interesting creature yet. The blue ring Octopus. That is, I didn’t find it but my guide did. I was about to take picture of a little coral crab that was on top of a pipeline @ about 15m dept. My eye was in the viewfinder and suddenly the crab was gone. Then I heard a sound from Rocky Oooouuhhh, Oooohh! I looked up at him and he was pointing down at the pipeline. A blue ring octopus had taken “My” crab and was starting to eat it. I just started to shut like cracy. I had already set the camera for the crab, so the octopus shouldn’t be any different. I think I managed to get about 50-60 pictures of it before it was done with the crab and crawled back into a hole and was gone. Other stuff we found here was robust ghost pipe fish and different shrimps.


– Also very good dive sites. Lots of nudibranch and one of my favourite small critter. The coral whip shrimp. You will also find a lot of gobys on the whips, so look closely. Giant frogfish is also here, along with Manta shrimps. I found new stuff on every dive I did here. Needless to say, the majority of my dives where macro dives. Mostly with the 100mm macro lens and the Subsee +5 diopter.





– We went two times to Apo island during our stay. Apo is covered with coral. Mostly hard coral on the west side. It is also here most of the turtles are. Expect to see several on each dive. The outside of Apo is more ruff. Sandy bottom with big rocks covered with both soft and hard coral and full of life. There is also big schools of jackfish here. But expect the dive to a drift dive since the current can be strong here.





I don’t have any favourite dive site here. As a photographer interested in macro photography I wanted to dive them all. (Though, I have some unsorted buisiness with Sahara deep. Thanks to Jim for showing me. We will get the picture when we return…)

Our stay with Liquid Dumaguete was a joy from start to finish. Everybody who is there are excellent. It was really hard to leave. But were coming back to celebrate new years eve, and to spend a few more days with this bunch of fantastic people..

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