Diving Philippines – Malapascua

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Diving the Philippines – Malapascua October 11-17, 2012

After my diveinstructor examination we packed our bags and headed up north on the islan of Cebu. Target was the home of the Thresher Shark. Malapascua.
The trip from Mactan took about 3.5 hours with a hired car, plus a 30min boat trip. We stayed with Evolution Divers, and had arranged that the boat would be there when we arrived.
Malapascua is a beautiful island wich offers very good diving.


– My first dive was at Monad shoal the morning after we arrived. Got up at 4.30 and headed out to see the Thresher shark. We saw the sharks on every dive we did there, but to get some good shots of the shark, I needed three dives. On the last dive I was lucky and ended up face to face with one. And after sirkeling for a while he came strait towards me and swam right over my head.
My next dive was at the Lapus lapus. A good place to do macro. But I didnt find much stuff there on that dive.


– On my next dive. Matt. One of the two owners of Evolution took me with him on a guided tour on the Evolution Housereef. The divesite is a perfect muck dive place. Filled with small creatures. Maybe he heard me saying that I didnt get anything good out of the previous dive, so he decided to show me a good place. I dont know, but a good dive it was. I got som really good shrimp pictures there. Thanks Matt.


– The lighthouse was a night dive I did. There was supposed to be mandarin fish there. I have always wanted to see theese fishes. And there was pleny of them at the lighthouse. The place is covered with hard black corals witch makes a perfect place for the fish to hide. But if you are patient you will see it.


– Next dive was a daytrip to Gato island. The whole family went this time. And me and my wife got our first two dives together in many years.
Gato island is a protected small island . there is a small house on it, which a guard stays to stop fishing. There is an extra cost we as divers need to pay to dive there, but it definitely worth it. We saw big whitetip shark, and the scenery was beautiful. There is also a tunnel through the island, so you can swim in on one side and come out on the other side. And if you are lucky expect whitetips waiting for you at the other end. Gato island was the best two dives I did at malapascua.


– My last dive at malapascua was a shallow macro dive at the Tapilon. My family and another dive couple went out on a small boat with the guide to see if we could find the mandaring fish in daylight. Around the wreck that lies there is a lot of good macro life. Also many cuttlefishes. And at the end of the dive we found the mandarin fish. It is not a common thing to see this fish out in daylight, but at Malapascua you can. A perfect ending on our week at Malapascua.

Next stop Liquid Dumaguete…
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