Try sidemount diving

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The day after the IE we, cause of our grades got a present. Either a try sidemont dive or intro to tec dive.
Me and Ramon chose the try sidemount experience . I have always wanted to try this. It seems like it is better than our way of diving back home with our twin tanks on the back. Of course if you are going to have several different gasses when your diving it might be a good idea to have the main on the back so there is enough place on the sides for your deco and travel gass. But for regular diving it seems so nice and free.

I got the razor side mount system and two alu. 11L. And when I got my head under water I must say that it felt good. So well stabilised. You could turn on your head or side with just a flick of you fin. No weight on the back. We spent about a hour under water. Doing valve drills, swim through skill both with cylinders in front and regular. I will definitely try this again when I get home. I left this experience wanting more.

Thanks to Greg @ Kontiki divecenter for showing us this way of diving. And of course a big thanks too Lee Butler for letting me borrow his expensive Razor.

Check out the pictures from the Sidemount diving

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  • Greg Maciejowski says:
    27/10/2012 at 05:15

    Hi Erling!

    I am glad you liked the sidemount experience and I hope you will become certified sidemount diver / instructor soon! Good luck!



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