Diving Pulau Perhentian

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I recently stayed one week on the island Pulau Perhentian in Malaysia.
Pulau Perhentian is a very beautiful Island . It lies approximately 20 km off the northeastern coast of West Malaysia in the state of Terengganu, approximately 64 km south of the Thai border.

The Island offers a very laidback atmosphere. And you can stay in one of the many small cabins around the Island.
The white sandy beaches that surronds the island and the crystal blue water is perfect for relaxing and go snorkeling or go diving with one of the many dive centers here.

The food is good here. There may be things on the menu that you can not order because all the resorts get everything delivered by boat from the mainland. Beer is only availible at one restaurant “I was quick to find out were that was”. :-)

The main thing to do here is diving. Every resort have their own dive centre. I did my diving with Prodivers world.
They have three boat dives every day starting at 08.00. The sites are posted the day before on a board outside the centre. But I noticed that mamy time they changed it. So for a underwater photographer it was not easy to plan ahead. You set up for macrodive, and when you arrive they have changed it to a typ. wide angel site. So you have to go back to your cabin and change your setup or drop the trip. This actually happened several times when I was there. If you are just a regular adventure diver it is not a problem(Unless they change it to the same site you visited the day before). But for me it was really annoying and tiresome to have to go and change the gear.
But enough negativity and lets focus on the posivitie things. Pro divers world Instructors and dive masters was wery helpful and patient. They let me do my thing while they guided the others. So I have only good things to say about them.  I got many tips on what to look for and thanks to Janosch, Sam  and Karein. I now have a long lst of other places I might visit on my trip. I´ll be seeing you around!
A Goby on a white whip Coral
The first two dives was @ Tiger rock.
Tiger Rock is a bunch of boulders that lies some hundred meter of the northside of the Island. Three rocks are out of the water but under water there is plenty of boulders that lies on top of each other making this a perfect place to dive. The maximum dept here is about 20 ish m. There is lots of fish here. and also many nudibranches. Sting rays and some huge Triggerfish. The boulders are perfect to swim through. Many whip corals with small gobys on also.

My daughter @ Sugar WreckNext dive was @ Sugar wreck.
The Sugar Wreck dive site is located about 45min to an hour boat ride from Pulau Perhentian. What you will find there is a ninety meter ling cargo ship that sank in the year 2000. It ranges from 6m to 25m at the stern. It lies on its starboard side. We went down on a permanent line attached to the boat and down to the stern. Then continued around its “top” side and into the cargo hull.
Other than the ship itself, you will also find a variety of coral and fishes in Sugar Wreck. Schools of Big Eye Jacks, Snappers and other small fishes are found around here. Turtles and Nurse Sharks can also be found around the wreck.

The last dive was a night dive. Also here they changed the location (Actually three times).
The site was  Teluk Kerma/d´Lagoon. A shallow 10m divesite with a fine sandy bottom.
There was much small pelagic life swimming around, but because of all the waves and the fine sand it was almost impossible to get good shots without a ton of particles in the picture. So I gave that up and consentrated on all the small thing on the reef. Rays, turtle, flatworms, mudibranches, coralshrimps, scorpionfish and stonefish was the things we saw on this dive.

But apart from the diving, the snorkelling is really good here. I had my children with me and we all saw Blacktip reef sharks, barracuda, squids, blue-spotted stingrays, and octopus while we were snorkelling. So the children was really exited. (Me too). It is not common to be  7 and 9 years old from Norway and see all of this. My son was out snorkelling and came back to me saying Dad Dad, I saw a shark. I went yeah right. But I swam out with him and he was right. Three small blacktip were swimming around us at max 1.5m depth. Thoroughly amazing to share this with my kids. That is what diving is all about.
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